Barton Hills Investment Property Remodel

CCB Designs initiates programs for each project that maximize buyers' appeal and amplify the value of the home. Our portfolio includes entry-level, first-time-buyer homes up to multi-million dollar properties.

CCB Designs has a trusted team of architects, contractors, and installers that provide consistent quality. Each project is its own unique adventure and CCB's thoughtful process always achieves the end result of increasing property value.

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Contemporary New Construction Custom Home

CCB Designs is your partner in embarking on one of the most intensive projects an individual or a family can pursue: building their Dream Home! Having an experienced designer on your team has many benefits:

  • Forward-thinking and proactively works with architect and contractor
  • Allows the builder to focus on keeping the project on schedule
  • Maintains consistency in design style

CCB Designs organizes and budgets the client's selections of:

  • Tile: backsplash, showers, floors, grout colors, pattern layouts, transitions to other materials
  • Flooring: review pros and cons of all materials, eco-friendly options, installation issues
  • Cabinetry: design choices, colors, hardware placement
  • Plumbing: from kitchen sinks & faucets to fancy steam showers
  • Lighting: scale and placement of light fixtures, LED options, layers of lighting for optimizing lighting throughout the home
  • Hardware: for interior and exterior doors — know the "ins and outs" of your selections

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Steam Shower Master Bath Remodel

There comes a time when you just cannot patch a problem — cabinets are past their prime, not enough storage, severely outdated finishes... The time has come for a remodel and you only want to do it once — and right!

Having CCB Designs provide 2D and 3D renderings can verify you are making all the right decisions. Your lifestyle goals are taken in to account with all the design choices, and all of the selections are organized and budgeted for you, just as in a Custom Home build.

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