Custom Building

Having a designer on your team has many benefits:

  • Allows the builder to focus on keeping the project on schedule
  • Organizes and budgets your selections
  • Maintains consistency in design style
  • Offers experience of previous projects and various cost-savings tips

CCB Designs organizes and budgets the clients' selections of:

  • Tile - backsplash, showers, floors, grout colors, pattern layouts, transitions to other materials
  • Flooring - review pros and cons of all materials, eco-friendly options, installation issues
  • Cabinetry - design choices, colors, custom vs factory-made, hardware placement
  • Plumbing - lay out of showers - height of spray heads, grab bars, sinks, benefits of fixtures
  • Lighting - scale and placement of light fixtures, LED options, layers of lighting for optimal conditions
  • Hardware - cabinet and door hardware - know the 'ins and outs' of your selections
  • Interiors furnishings - Working with owned and potential new pieces, we can scale and suggest placement for comfort and accessibility

A 10-hour Package allows for several meetings without the pressure of counting every minute within one hour. The hours can be used for showroom visits, meetings on-site with contractors, design boards - whatever the homeowner needs to feel confident in their selections.

Consultation for Interior Furnishings

CCB Designs is available to consult on your unique issues, including any and all of the following: Furniture placement, organization, paint colors, flooring, lighting, artwork, and accessories.

Two hour consult for $250 - By appointment

3D Rendering

3D Rendering is an excellent option for homeowners who cannot envision all of the selections installed in their new build or remodel. CCB Designs contracts with a local specialist who works one-on-one with our project so you can virtually walk-through your finished project.