The Story of The Ginkgo

As a long-time resident of Athens, Georgia, the home of the University of Georgia, one becomes accustomed to two Fall season traditions: 1. "Going to Church" at Sanford Stadium, the home of the UGA Bulldogs, and 2. The carpet of mature gold leaves that have fallen from the Ginkgo trees lining Clayton Street, Darling and Prince Streets.

The Ginkgo trees have lined several Athens streets for over 30 years, and the magical affect of the carpet of gold has stayed with me since my undergrad and graduate years.

"Timeless", "Organic", and "Nature's Art" are all terms I use to describe this memory. And thereby, I use these terms in my design principles by making my designs:

"Timeless" - there are rarely high-fashion components but rather beautifully crafted, enduring pieces

"Organic" - I always recommend low-VOC and environmentally-friendly products to clients first and glad to explain the importance of those choices.

"Nature's Art"- my goal is to leave at least one awe-inspiring moment in each design so that the clients have a similar magical moment, like my carpet of Ginkgo leaves.